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By living in America it shapes each of us to think in a certain and if we don't then it is weird because specific vales are apart of the norm here. Like we value a lot is equality and justice or fairness for everyone. But not every culture values that because instead of equality for people they could value rank and status in their society. Actually in the reading The values Americans Live By it said that 7/8 of the world sees rank and status much more desirable and has this apart of their culture. That is kinda weird to think because wouldn't people want to be equal and have a fair chance like everyone else but this way of thinking has been engrained into my mind. I haven't lived in those countries that value rank more and if I did I would see the benefits that those countries value but since I'm American I see it as weird since that isn't one of our values. I feel when we see different cultural values being practiced it is weird to see because it is weird to think for us that there are different ways of doing what we do. I think Americans think that it should be done our way or don't do it at all but that is not right because each culture is unique and does things in their ways. Americans should try to be sociologically mindful with culture around the world because every culture does things differently and we shouldn't judge those culture for that since they are only doing what feels right and normal to them.


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