American culture

By living in America it shapes each of us to think in a certain and if we don't then it is weird because specific vales are apart of the norm here. Like we value a lot is equality and justice or fairness for everyone. But not every culture values that because instead of equality for people they could value rank and status in their society. Actually in the reading The values Americans Live By it said that 7/8 of the world sees rank and status much more desirable and has this apart of their culture. That is kinda weird to think because wouldn't people want to be equal and have a fair chance like everyone else but this way of thinking has been engrained into my mind. I haven't lived in those countries that value rank more and if I did I would see the benefits that those countries value but since I'm American I see it as weird since that isn't one of our values. I feel when we see different cultural values being practiced it is weird to see because it is weird to think…

Service Hours part 2

On Sunday May 7th I went to Good Will to donate some old clothes and books. I totally forgot that we were going to go to Good Will that morning cause I got home from going to tumbling and I just grabbed food from Chipotle. So when my Mom reminded me that we were going to Good Will today I was a little annoyed cause I was comfortable on my couch and didn't really want to get. But I got up and assembled all of our items and made sure they were in order and I went through my closet one last time to make sure I got rid of all the clothes I don't ware anymore. My parents also helped by putting in some old cotes they don't wear anymore and my Mom also had a good idea of getting rid of some old books that we don't read anymore. So once we had everything together my parents and I all got in the car to go there and drop off our stuff at the donation location. We got there and we just left it there and left to go back home.


We learned about culture and how obviously every other country believes in doing things in their own way but we must be culturally relative or we must try to understand others cultures instead of judging them because they're different. For vacation I went to Jamaica and over there it is completely different from here. Like their langue or some of their catch phrases are different. For example they say irie which means that it's all good and they say ya mon a lot which is just a general term for them. Also another thing they do which would be considered rude over here is asking for a tip. Usually we handle tips by doing it while the waiter is away and do it descretley but over there they aren't afraid to just ask for a tip or expect one to be given. If people in America expected or asked for a tip it would be considered rude and then would be used as a reason to not give a tip but over there it is just apart of their living since tourism is their job so there just trying to…

Service Hours

On Sunday April 23 I volunteered at Stevenson for the special olympics bocce ball tournament from 8am-3:30pm. I was a little upset having to get up so early to volunteer but my mom got me an Einsteins bagel so that made up for having to wake up early. The weather was also suppose to be really nice that day so that made me excited to go outside for the day. But I was kinda dreading having to go since I wouldn't really know anyone there so I thought I would be alone all day, But then I saw a few people from my sociology class and I went over there and joined them. So Danny, Becca, Katia, and I formed a group and then we got assigned to set up court 11. I was a bit nervous to start the event also because I'm not the best with people with special needs but it all turned out better than I expected. All the games were fun to watch and some of the players were way better than I expected. Even though it was a long day for volunteering it turned out to go really fast because it was rea…


We learned about race and how it is just a social construction of reality. Race dos the exist biologically but it does exist with in our society. For America we categorize people as either Black, White, Asian, and Hispanic. Also as Americans we judge others based on their groups or weather they're in our own group or out of our groups. If some people are out of our group we judge them since they are different than us but we do this implicly or subconsciously. Some people are implicitly racist since our society has taught us and engrained this into our ways of thinking and acting. In the movie White Like Me it showed how that black people who receive financial aid they are considered lazy and leaches where as whites who receive the same financial aid is considered as just helping them get out of a bad situation.
The panel also opened up my eyes to see how others are really affected and judged based on their race. Like shariq was not fairly judged based on the color of his skin. I w…

social class

Learning about social classes and the distribution of wealth in America was very eye opening. When we guessed about the distribution of wealth in America I had guessed it was that the top 20% had 60% then the  4th had 25% then the 3rd had 7% then the 2nd had 5% then the bottom had 3% but I was way off. It had turned out that the reality of the distribution is is really unfair since roughly the
top has like 83% then the 4th has 11% then the 3rd has 3% then the 2nd has 2% and the bottom has 1%. It is so insane to think that the distribution of wealth is distributed so poorly through out America. We as Americans deny social class and say that we are middle class but isn't true since the distribution of wealth is payoff that what we would perceive it as.

We also played Monopoly in class but with the distribution of wealth to show how the distribution of wealth is like in the real world. By playing monopoly with a twist it shows that there really isn't any mobility to social class …


Deviance is when someone breaks away from society's norms. Like we read in the Saints and Roughnecks reading both groups performed deviant acts such as drinking, theft, and vandalism. But only one group was caught and negatively affected by their actions. The roughnecks were the ones that were punished since they didn't have the money like the saints to get out of town to perform the deviant actions. So deviance has to do with money and also the perception of others. For example in courtroom 302 there were already perceptions about the criminals like they are terrible people who committed crimes so the officers treated them poorly since they already had that negative connotation about them in their heads. It also didn't help the people waiting for trials that they also had low incomes so they couldn't afford to help themselves like getting a good lawyer. Then going back to a question about Stevenson which was so you believe there are saints and roughnecks at Stevenson?…